Hina, a true story.

This is a true story about a girl from pakistan. She was 20 and migrated with her family to Italy when she was only 5. She had 5 elder brothers and sisters. She was a real beauty and her father was worried about her life. He wanted to marry her with a pakistani man but she was in love with an italian guy (her parents didn’t know that). She decides to move out from home without the permission of his parents as the law in Italy allowded it. For a couple of months she was free, she was free to wear western clothes, to drink wine, to smoke, to make up, to wear skirts and to love whoever she wanted. She worked as a waitress in an indian restaurant and could maintain her life.

Her father was extremely worried about the pakistani society in Italy, because everyone knew that his daughter went away from home and was living with an italian man. He was really angry and wanted to give her a lesson, showing her that what she was doing was not honourable and respectful towards his family.

The girl’s mother loved her daughter and wanted her to be happy but she was not allowed to take any decision concerning her sons or daughter. The only thing she didn’t like that Hina was not an obedient girl, she was always outside home and they never knew where and with whom. Hina’s father decided to send her mother, brothers and sisters in Pakistan for some reason, telling her that her mother in law was really sick and needed someone to take care of her. Then decided to call Lina and tell her that she needed to come back home because there was an urgent matter regarding documentary stuff and he wanted to talk to her. Hina was a kind of sceptical about it but was happy that finally her father wanted to discuss peacefully about her life.

She went there alone, without her boyfriend. When she crossed her father’s home door, she found that there were his father, his uncle and his two brother in laws were waiting for her in the kitchen. She tried to step back but the door was already closed. They pulled her hair, beat her up till she fainted, then killed her with twenty stab wounds and at the end her father slit her throat with a kitchen’s knife. Those four men waited from 4pm till 2am in the morning to dig a hole in the backyard and to put the dead body in there.

The mother was not informed about the situation, and her father was really satisfied because he thought that Allah wanted him to give her this kind of punition.

After several days when the Italian boyfriend couldn’t see Hina and couldn’t talk to her on the phone, went to police station and told them that she was missing. Police officers went to Hina’s father’s home and did some inquisition. He told them that she was living in Pakistan now and could never come back, because that is her culture and she has to behave like a real pakistani lady.

Police officers did some researchs and found out that the girl was not in Pakistan. They went back to Hina’s father home but he was never there.

Hina’s boyfriend was desperate and wanted her back, he asked police to go deeply through this matter.

After three weeks the owner of the House where Hina’s family used to live was there with his pet who was digging in the backyard because he could smell ofcourse the dead body. The owner thought that there was something wrong. He called the police and they discovered the poor girl’s dead body.

The killer, Hina’s father was sentenced to life as his brother in laws. The uncle was sentenced to two years because he admitted the crime.

There is an international health centre called Hina Saleem and a road on her name in Italy.


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